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IDM's 2012 development roadmap… UltraEdit; engineered for what’s next!

Richard Knott,
Vice President

No matter how much technology changes, there is no such thing as reaching the finish line. We are ready at IDM. Our products are engineered for what's next. In 2012 we have many exciting plans.

For UltraEdit v18.00 we plan to introduce Smart Templates... because we think improving software isn't always about new features, it's about taking existing features and making them better, smarter, and more beneficial to the user.

Smart Templates will essentially change the way you use UltraEdit. Imagine being able to simply type a few characters and your code completes itself and then allows you to edit the variables at the same time...

Also in store for v18.0 is a dockable "List lines containing string" window, automatic HTML/XML tag closing, syntax highlighting support for proportional (non-monospace) fonts, performance improvements, and more!

UltraCompare will get numerous improvements as well. Planned for release in late March, v9.0 will feature a new split Explorer view allowing you to select any level of a directory as the compare root. V9.0 will also feature a more powerful manual alignment, and will allow users to drag a file tab from UE to UC.

Besides these great additions, the Mac edition of UltraCompare is expected for commercial release in January and includes all the features of its Windows counterpart and even more.

Our pursuit of excellence is never ending and along with each and every planned release is our commitment to quality and performance. We are very excited about the year ahead!

Best wishes,


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Carl Pearson
Guest post
Ruby on Rails
Reply #1 on : Tue December 06, 2011, 09:56:07
I'm just getting into Ruby on Rails, and suggesting that a VIEW AS be added that will accurately protray the Ruby/HTML/JavaScript content. Good luck with that!

Dallas, Texas
R. Kruit
Guest post
Reply #2 on : Wed December 07, 2011, 04:15:00
Is it possible to use the syntax highlighting in wordfiles in a way that p.e. DO CASE as total has a diffent indent from DO or CASE as separate words.
I want to use it like
program rows
program rows
Jay Harper
Guest post
Beta test UE v18?
Reply #3 on : Wed December 07, 2011, 10:35:28
Would it be possible to enroll in beta testing of UltraEdit 18? I've been using UE extensively for over six years, and I would love to kick the tires on the upcoming version.

In addition, I'd love to do the same with UltraCompare.

You folks have *the* best editing application out there, and I've tried well over twenty different products. Thanks for the blazing fast updates and improvements. Other developers out there could take a pointer or two from your team.

Happy Holidays!

Jay Harper
Network Administrator
Terminix Service, Inc.
Guest post
SAS code
Reply #4 on : Wed December 07, 2011, 11:32:32
Many of us in the scientific community use UltraEdit as our Statistical Analysis System (SAS) code generator. I'd like to see a template that mimics the appearance of the SAS editor, which is pretty lame.

We would be appreciative!

Guest post
UltraCompare feature
Reply #5 on : Wed December 07, 2011, 12:13:02
I would still like to see the ability to compare two or more files based on specified columns in each file. For example compare a string or 25 characters found in file1 col1, file2 col30, file3 col100. Also be able to specify multiple start/end columns in each file.
Adrian Lewis
Guest post
Smart Templates - Sounds great!
Reply #6 on : Thu December 08, 2011, 09:49:50
I use templates all of the time.

I was about to request that double clicking a template opened a new window (if none are already open).

Life is just a whole lot easier with UltraEdit!

Merry Christmas team!
Ray Wilson
Guest post
Mac changes
Reply #7 on : Thu December 08, 2011, 09:51:44
Just a question since we are talking updates. Not that there is a Mac version of UltraEdit, THANK YOU!! :) , How much lag will there be between features appearing in the Windows version and the Mac version of UltraEdit? I know it's not the "same code" but I was hoping it was close enough to get the changes out quickly. :)

-- Ray
Ronald J. Fehd
Guest post
smart templates
Reply #8 on : Thu December 08, 2011, 10:17:21
All right! So I don't have to write my own macros for every file extension, is that what you are telling us?

I hope so!
I am writing a book about SAS using LaTeX and now 25 years programming in SAS and after 8 years writing in LaTeX I am pretty comfortable seeing both the SAS language and the LaTeX markup in black-and-white.

Q: Can I save the Smart Templates and distribute them?
About 80% of my book is demonstrating a style sheet for the SAS language.
A Smart Template to go with the book's CD would be an added bonus.

I have been using UltraEdit for more than a decade.
Thank you, Krewe, for making my life easier, in each and every upgrade.

IDM Computer Solutions
Posts: 1
Thanks for the comments...
Reply #9 on : Thu December 08, 2011, 10:43:01
Carl - UltraEdit already does support Ruby highlighting with embeddeged HTML/Javascript/CSS/etc. If you are experiencing problems with this, can you please email our support team with the specifics at support@ultraedit.com?

Mr. Kruit - If you could email your question with a sample file to support@ultraedit.com, our support team will assist you further with this.

Jay - No problem, you're on our beta list! Thanks for the awesome feedback.

Dan - This is supported in UltraCompare; please see our power tip on comparing column ranges here: http://www.ultraedit.com/index.php?id=253

Adrian - You can submit your feature request to support@ultraedit.com and it will be recorded and tracked in our internal feature request database.

Ray - We have a substantial UE Mac release planned for early 2012. However, we can't comment specifically yet on when new features in the Windows version will be added to the cross-platform versions, as the port is ongoing, although we are making significant strides daily.

Ronald - Yes, that's what we're telling you! We'd love for you to distribute your smart templates with your book.
Last Edit: December 08, 2011, 10:43:48 by idmadmin  
Guest post
Good Initiative
Reply #10 on : Wed December 21, 2011, 06:38:16
Smart Template is good. I think it would be better if some support can be added for jquery,drupal and joomla cms.
Guest post
Smart Templates = Bundles+Snippets?
Reply #11 on : Fri December 23, 2011, 10:08:41
Is "Smart Templates" your name for TextMate Bundles+Snippets (or FingerText for Notepad++)?
Do they support intelligent "tab stops" so you can TAB to the next location?

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