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A look at what's ahead for UltraSentry in 2013

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UltraSentry v13.1 is expected for release in April. This will be an exciting release that further extends the scope and capabilities of UltraSentry's Digital Locker and secure File Shredder, which are both natively integrated into other IDM products.

Users can drag 'n drop files into UltraSentry's popular Drop Center for secure storage in the encrypted Digital Locker or for secure deletion in the File Shredder. Important source files and private documents can be individually secured/shared via UltraSentry's custom encryption and password protection functionality. The fantastic new version of UltraSentry rounds out IDM's solution approach to text editing!

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Guest post
US 13 release
Reply #1 on : Tue January 08, 2013, 14:38:57
As a long-time user of US, I look forward to this release!


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