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3-Way Folder Navigation

UltraCompare Professional supports comparison of three different directories at the same time if desired.  This mode may also be used to compare the content of .zip archives against folders on the file system.



The All, Just Differences, Just Matching [1] buttons allow users to toggle what items are shown in the folder compare and may be used to help focus on desired items in a complex compare.  Clicking on the Basic, Full, Smart [4] buttons will change the type of folder compare being executed.  When working with multiple text/folder compare sessions at the same time, users may switch between sessions by clicking on the associated Session [8] tabs.


Clicking on the View Next Difference button [2] will position the cursor at the next difference in the active compare and clicking on the View Previous Difference button [3] will position the cursor at the last difference previous to the current cursor position in the active compare.  Both give the user an easy method for stepping through differences sequentially without having to manually search them out.  These are available for navigation of all compare modes.


Clicking on the Recursive Compare [6] button toggles the "depth" of the folder compare being executed.  If this is selected, UltraCompare will compare all subfolders below the specified root and indicate whether the included subfolders are matching or not.  If Recursive Compare is not selected, the compare result will display subfolders that exist in the compared folders, but they will not be expanded/compared by default.  


Collapsed folders may be expanded by pressing "+" on the numeric keypad and collapsed again by pressing "-" on the numeric keypad.  When a folder is expanded its contents will be compared if this has not already occurred based on the active compare.  Clicking on the Parent Directory [5] button navigates to the folder above the root directory for folder specified and refreshes the associated trees.


Clicking on any column heading (Name, Status, Date, Size, Type) will sort the result based on the content of that column.  Right-clicking on a column heading presents a submenu where the user may select which columns are displayed in a Folder Compare.


The Folder Compare Symbols [7] button displays a dialog that clarifies the meaning of the symbols displayed beside files/folders in the compared trees.



The Status Bar [9] indicates verbally what is shown in the displayed trees for the compared folders along with the summary description (to the far right) of "Different", "Matching", or "Nothing to Compare".


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