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Accounts/Settings command

The Version Control Account Manager dialog may be used to create accounts for checking out files from the CVS/Subversion Server and to specify the settings to be used with these accounts.



If the Add Account button is pressed a new account will be created with settings as follows:


Setting Items



name to be used for account


may be either pserver or ext.  pserver is the standard CVS communications mechanism using username/password login and is a non-secure, plain text method with no encryption.   ext launches an external SSH (secure shell) application where username and authorization code are specified.  This is encrypted and will require the password to be entered with each invocation.


IP address or fully qualified domain name


normally blank


path to the CVS repository on the CVS server


username for login to account, required for both pserver and ext login


password - required for each usage of ext account (stored for pserver accounts)


If an account is selected in the CVS Accounts list and the Set Default Account button is pressed, the specified account will be set as the default CVS account.



If VCS Settings is selected the VCS Settings pane is displayed.  By default the Use Default Applications option will be selected.  If this is not selected users must specify/browse to the desired executable for the Log Editor and Compare application.


The Default Checkout Root Path is the default path for CVS Checkout or Export.  This can be overridden in the individual CVS command dialogs.


* Please note: This feature is only supported in UEStudio, and not in UltraEdit.  

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