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Auto Completion

UltraEdit provides the ability to complete words automatically while typing.


There are four aspects to the Auto-Completion:


- When invoked all the keywords from the Syntax Highlighting will be available in the list (if the file uses Syntax Highlighting).


- Functions shown in the Function List will be shown in auto-complete list.


- Under Advanced -> Configuration -> Editor -> Word Wrap/Tab Settings a user specified file may be used to provide the strings for Auto-Completion.  In this case a new line is required for each word, or sentence (allowing a complete sentence/paragraph to be specified).


- UltraEdit will search back 50K in the active file from the cursor location for words that match a partially typed word and show these.


By default Auto-Completion is invoked with Ctrl+Space.  When this is invoked a list box is displayed with the possible words/phrases for completion.  If an appropriate word exists it will be highlighted.  Typing additional characters will change the selection as appropriate to a word that matches the partial word typed.


The user may use the cursor keys to change the selected word and at any time use the TAB, SPACE or ENTER to select the word to be used.  Doing so will cause UltraEdit to replace the partially entered word (if present) with the selected word/phrase.



Shortcut:         CTRL+Space  

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