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Bookmark Viewer command

This command toggles the visibility of the Bookmark Viewer.  The Bookmark Viewer displays all bookmarks currently specified for the active document.  If no bookmarks are defined the list will display "No Bookmarks!".  Right-clicking in the Bookmark Viewer presents the context menu which includes the following options:



presents submenu allowing user to select items visible in list

Columns -> Column Order

presents dialog allowing user to change the order of items visible in list

List Bookmarks for all Files

displays list of bookmarks in all open files.  If this option is selected, the name of the file the bookmark exists in will also be displayed.

Delete Bookmarks

deletes currently selected bookmark

Edit Bookmark

opens Edit Bookmark dialog where name of bookmark may be edited


If desired, the bookmark name may be modified using the Edit Bookmark command.  If focus is moved to a bookmarked line, that line will automatically be highlighted in the Bookmark Viewer.

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