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Color Selector

The Select Color dialog is a very flexible tool that may be used to insert numeric values for colors in four different formats: Decimal, Hex, HTML, and RGB (red, green, blue).



The Selector Color dialog includes the following items:


Syringe Tool

The syringe in the upper left of the Color Selector dialog is a tool that may be used to import colors to the dialog.  Clicking on the syringe and dragging it over any item will import its color values to the dialog.


Color Block

The Color Block is in the upper lefthand corner of the Color Selector dialog.  Clicking on this presents the standard Windows Color dialog where basic colors may be selected or custom colors may be defined.  Whether a standard color is selected in the Color dialog or a custom color is created, whatever color is shown in the "Color/Solid" field will be the color shown if you press the OK button in the Color dialog.


RRGGBB Text Field

If you are familiar with the standard RGB color codes you may directly specify a color by typing in this field.  The specified color should be immediately reflected in the Color Block.  If you are defining a color in HEX format there should be six alphanumeric characters used to do so (e.g., F08FFF).


Color Selection Dropdown

A list of 72 default colors used for web development is provided in the dropdown and selecting one of these will automatically change the value reflected in the HEX/ RRGGBB field.  This can be very helpful in quickly selecting colors for development.


RGB Text Fields

Beside the Red, Green, and Blue color blocks are text fields where values for these colors (from 0 through 255) may be directly entered.  The up/down arrows by each text field may also be used to modify the color values.  To increase/decrease all three color values simultaneously use the "-" and "+" buttons below the RGB text fields.


Users may define custom colors using these controls and name them by entering the name in the Named Colors combobox.  Custom colors may be removed by selecting the color name in the Named Colors combobox and pressing the Delete key (on the keyboard) and then pressing the Save Color button.  Any color saved with an empty name will be removed from the color list.


Nearest color

The Nearest Color button will select the closest color to the custom values currently defined from the default colors listed in the dropdown.  The Color Block will change to reflect this color as will the Color field value in the Format section and the color name listed in the dropdown.


Swap red/blue

Pressing this button will switch the values for Red and Blue for the currently specified color.  This change is reflected throughout the color selector.



Users may select whether they want the color value to be inserted in either Decimal, Hex, HTML, or RGB format using the appropriate buttons.  Pressing the Editor button will send the output to the active edit window and pressing the Clipboard button will send the output to the active clipboard.  If the Use quotes option is selected the value will be inserted in the desired format and enclosed in double quotes.  (Please note that the RGB value is never inserted in double quotes as this is generally used for C macros and this behavior would not be appropriate in this context.)


Display web colors only

There are a limited number of colors that display the same regardless of what browser they are displayed in.  If Display web colors only is selected, only "browser safe" colors will be displayed in the Select Color dialog.



Pressing the Close button will close the Select Color dialog and return focus to the edit window.  

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