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Commit command

There are two Commit commands in the CVS submenu of the Project menu.  The first one listed will only be active if a CVS Project is loaded.  (A project is considered a CVS Project if the CVS Support option is selected and a valid CVS module is specified in the Project Settings dialog.)  If a CVS Project is loaded and this option is selected the Commit will be executed without any prompts or options as this will use the options specified for the CVS Project.


If the second Commit option is selected in the CVS submenu the CVS Commit dialog will be presented.  This may be used to specify the parameters used to commit a module or file to CVS.



The desired account may be selected from the Account dropdown.  If a CVS account doesn't already exist, pressing the Modify button will launch the CVS Manager dialog where users may add/remove an account.


The Module/File field may be used to specify the module or file that will be committed to CVS.  You may browse to select an existing module or file by pressing the "..." button.


By default the Commit to HEAD option is selected which will commit the specified module/file to the most current branch of the CVS repository.


The Force new revision option increments the revision of the specified module or file even if no changes are detected.


The Force recursion option only becomes active if Force new revision is enabled and checking this will recursively increment the revision level of all modules and files below the specified module.


For Subversion accounts, the only option available is the Non-recursive option.  If this option is selected, the Commit command will not recurse into directories (i.e. if a directory is selected to be committed, none of its subdirectories would be committed).


* Please note: This feature is only supported in UEStudio, and not in UltraEdit.  

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