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Compare Files command

UltraEdit and UEStudio both come with UltraCompare Lite at no additional cost.  


Please click here to learn more about the differences between UltraCompare Lite and UltraCompare Pro.


Please register UltraCompare Professional now  to get full file, folder, and merge capabilities.


The Compare Files menu item presents a dialog allowing the user to specify files/folders to be compared.  A separate window is shown displaying the compared files with different lines highlighted and marked to indicate the differences in the files/folders.



The file compare dialog allows the user to select the following options:


Compare Mode [1]

This option specifies if the items being compared are Files or Folders.


2/3 Way Compare [2]

This option is used to specify whether two or three files/folders will be compared.


File/Folder Compare [3]

The dropdowns/browse buttons in this section may be used to specify the files/folders to be compared.  The items displayed and the associated title will be updated based on the selection in the 2/3 Way Compare section above.


File Compare Options [4]

Compare temporary file to original

If this option is selected only the first file specified will be read and a copy of the modified state of the file will be compared against the disk copy.


Compare highlighted text

If this option is selected only the sections highlighted in the files specified fore comparison will be compared.


File Compare Type [5]

These options control whether the file comparison should be a Text compare, Binary compare, or Smart Binary compare.  A Text comparison is a line-by-line comparison of the characters displayed in the text file.  A Binary comparison is a byte-by-byte binary comparison of the content of the compared files.  A Smart Binary comparison will show where there are matching blocks of code even if they are offset by inserted/deleted data and don't match in a byte-by-byte comparison


File Compare Options [6]

These options allow the user to define "ignore" options for text compare or a recursive compare for folder compare.


Editor Tiling [7]

These options control how or if the compared files will be tiled in UltraEdit when they're presented for comparison in UltraCompare.

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