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Decrypt File command

This command may be used to decrypt the content of the active file (or specified files) using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm.  


Decrypt Files

When this option is selected, a dialog is displayed where the user is prompted to specify the file(s) to be decrypted and enter a passphrase to be used as the decryption key.  The passphrase is case-sensitive and may be between 8 and 32 characters in length and may include any characters which may be typed.



Users may specify the full path to a different file (or files) to be decrypted in the File(s) to Decrypt field.  The easiest way to do this would be to press the browse button beside the File(s) to Decrypt field which will present an Open dialog where users may navigate to the file(s) they wish to be decrypted.  If desired, multiple files may be decrypted by selecting them in the Open dialog (using the CTRL key and mouse or SHIFT key and mouse to select multiple items) and then pressing the Open button to pass the specified files back to the Decrypt File(s) dialog.  


If the files to be decrypted are specified manually, the full path must be specified and multiple files should be separated by a semicolon and a space.  Encrypted files will be saved with a ".uenc" extension.


The user must then enter and confirm the passphrase to be used for decrypting the specified files.  The passphrase entered and confirmed for decryption must be an exact match for the passphrase entered during encryption.  


If Replace Decrypted File If Exists is selected during decryption, any plain text files that already exist in the specified path (where the encrypted files exist) with names and extensions matching the files selected for decryption would automatically be overwritten.

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