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Drag and Drop Editing

UltraEdit supports dragging and drop editing using  the mouse.


Drag and drop editing allows the user to select text in the normal manner and then copy or move the selected text by dragging it to a new location with the mouse.  No keyboard interaction is required.


Initially the user selects text in the normal manner.  Once text has been selected, the user may click the primary mouse button (usually the left button) on the selected text, at which time the mouse pointer changes to a pointer with a small dotted rectangular box at the bottom of the pointer.  This pointer indicates you are in the drag and drop editing mode and may drag the selection to a new location.


While keeping the primary mouse button down the selected text may be dragged to a new location.  As you move the mouse the cursor will follow the mouse and the cursor indicates the new position of the text if you stop pressing the mouse button (and "drop" the text).


The user may even drag the text from one file to another within UltraEdit.  If the mouse is positioned over a different file within UltraEdit, that file will become active and the text may be dropped into that file at the cursor position shown.


At any time, pressing ESCAPE will cancel the drag and drop mode.


Additionally, instead of moving the text being dragged it may be copied to a new location.  If at any time while in the drag and drop mode the CTRL key is pressed and held the mouse pointer changes to have a small '+' symbol beside it indicating the text will be copied to the new location indicated by the cursor and also remain in the original position.


Drag and Drop editing is supported in normal, Hex and Column editing modes.  

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