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Export command

This command launches the CVS Export dialog.  Users may create/modify a CVS account and export options through the CVS Export dialog.



The desired account may be selected from the Account dropdown.  If a CVS account doesn't already exist, pressing the Modify button will launch the CVS Manager dialog where users may add/remove an account.


The Module dropdown lists the top level directories in the CVS repository.  Pressing the Update button will update the list of modules in the CVS repository.


The Local Root Path field may be used to specify the path to the local directory where documents checked out through CVS should be written.  The "..." button may be used to browse to the desired directory if this is preferred.


Export Options

If Use module name for export folder is selected, then the module name will be the name of the folder under which the files being checked out will be written in the local copy directory defined in the Local Root Path field.  If this is not selected the Folder field will be active and the name to be used should be defined here.


If Export default HEAD branch is selected, the top level folder of the specified module will be used as the beginning point for opening the desired files.  If this is not selected the Branch field will be active and the branch desired for opening should be specified here.


Add Files To

These settings relate strictly to UEStudio projects and are not directly related to CVS.  If New Project is selected then files checked out through this dialog will be opened under a new Project.  When the Export button is pressed the Project Settings dialog will be launched and the new project parameters may be defined.  If Current Project is selected the specified files would be opened under the active project.


Pressing the Export button will open the files under the specified branch as specified.  


Please note: The only difference between Checkout and Export is that an export opens the specified files without any CVS information.  If files are exported the CVS subdirectory with the file names, versions, and tags will not be created in the exported directories.  Exported files cannot be updated, committed, or otherwise returned to the CVS repository.


* Please note: This feature is only supported in UEStudio, and not in UltraEdit.  

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