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File Associations

The File Associations branch under Configuration allows the user to associate the editor with selected file types:


This dialog shows a list of current associations for the editor, and a list of file types that the user may wish to associate with the editor.  The user may add or remove file associations using this dialog.


A file association is used by Windows Explorer to determine which application is to be used to open the file when the file is double clicked or opened in the Explorer.


The list showing Associations shows all file types that are currently associated with the editor.  The user may select any item in this list and remove the association with the Delete button.


To add an association, the user may select an item from the File types/extensions dropdown list or type in a new extension and add it with the Add button.  The Description may be modified for any file type that is added.


When an association is added, the editor saves the old association if it exists and restores it if the association is later removed using this dialog.  


Integrate with Explorer as

If this option is selected UltraEdit/UEStudio options are added to the context (right-click) menu in Windows Explorer.

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