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Folder Compare

If you're using UltraCompare Professional, directories/folders to be compared may be opened from the command line with the following syntax:

uc -d c: emp d: emp

Please note: If UltraCompare is not in your PATH you would need to reference the full path to UltraCompare for this to work.

While UltraCompare is preparing the directory structure for display the Cancel button on the toolbar will be active and colored and may be pressed to cancel the compare. During this time the middle (yellow) light on the status bar will be highlighted and the label "Progress" will be shown to indicate that UltraCompare is working. When the directory structure is ready for display either the red light and the label "Different" will be displayed or the green light and the label "Matching" will be displayed. (This feature is only available in UltraCompare Pro and not the Lite version.)

A .zip archive may be selected for comparison against a folder on the file system, if desired.  Both recursive and non-recursive compares against .zip archives are supported.

If the recursive compare option is not selected then the Status column in the compare will indicate if listed subdirectories are in both directories or if they're only in the source or destination directories. If the recursive compare option is selected then the Status column will indicate whether subdirectories are identical or different or if they only exist in one of the parent directories.

If UltraCompare Professional is already running in Text Compare mode you may go to the View menu and select Directory mode to switch to the folder compare interface.  Any files currently open in Text/Binary compare mode will not be remembered should you switch back from Directory mode.  

If desired, the user may select files with different names and launch a Text Compare.  To do this, right click on a file referenced in the Folder Compare and select Load First File (or second, or third) from the context menu and specify the frame the selected file should be loaded to.  After specifying the other file(s) to be compared, double-clicking on the last file specified will launch a Text Compare with the specified files.

After a folder compare completes, the user may select the Sync Folders checkbox to synchronize the contents of the compared directories, if desired.

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