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Function List command

Use this command to toggle Function List visibility.  This function is different from the Function List command in the Search menu as that option populates the Function List based on the Function Strings defined in the wordfile (see Syntax Highlighting for more information).  


The context menu in the Function List includes the following options:

Sort List sorts functions alphabetically.  If this is not selected, functions are listed in logical order.
List for all Project Files lists functions for all files in active project.  If this is not selected, the functions listed are limited to the active file.
Copy to Clipboard copies contents of function list to clipboard
Refresh Function List refreshes function list (equivalent to F8)
Flat List toggles display of functions between flat and hierarchical modes


The combobox at the top of the function list window allows the user to search for functions in the active file by typing any amount of characters to match the name of a particular function(s).  All functions matching the typed characters will then be populated into the combobox, which the user can open by clicking the combobox arrow.  Selecting any of the functions in the combobox list will jump to that particular function in the active file.

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