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Hide/Show Selection command

This function allows a user to select some number of lines and to hide these such that they will not be visible on the screen, or if lines are hidden they will be shown.


Hiding Lines

To hide a set of lines, select the lines you wish to be hidden and invoke the feature from the Menu Item or by using the shortcut ( CTRL+ '-' numeric keypad).  When the lines are hidden, a "+" will be displayed in the folding gutter to the left of the edit window.  When editing a file that does not have syntax highlighting, the following configuration options must be selected under Advanced -> Configuration -> Editor Display -> Code Folding:


Enable show/hide lines and code folding

Enable show/hide lines in non syntax highlighted files


Multiple sections may be hidden at one time.  Changes made to the file will update the hidden regions in most cases such that the hidden lines are maintained.  In a few instances (file sort for example) this may not be possible and the hidden lines may be offset requiring them to be hidden again.


Clicking on the "+" in the folding gutter beside hidden lines will cause the section no longer to be hidden.  This may be re-hidden by using this Hide Lines feature without a selection

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