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Macro Definition Dialog

The macro definition dialog is shown when a new macro is created either from the Macro Record command or from the Edit Macro command.


It allows a name to be given to the macro, and a hot key assignment to be given to the macro.   After pressing OK, the macro recording starts if invoked from the Macro Record command.


The hot key assignment allows the user to specify a key combination that will automatically invoke the macro.  If a key assignment is chosen that is already used by UltraEdit, the key assignment will override UltraEdit's assignment.


Pressing any key combination with the focus in the Hot Key field will assign the key to the macro.  If desired, the user may also specify a Chord with the Chord field.  This would be used in conjunction with the hot key assignment to invoke the macro.


It is not required that a name be entered, or a hot key/chord assignment be made.


Default behavior shows a Cancel Dialog while the macro is executing.  For macros that execute quickly this may not be desired and may be disabled by deselecting the "Show Cancel Dialog for this macro" setting.


During Macro Playback a find and replace command may result in the search string not being found.  The default behavior in this case is to stop the macro execution.  For some macros, possibly where a Replace All is being performed it is desirable not to stop the macro playback.  In this case, select the "Continue if a Find with Replace Not Found".  

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