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The Miscellaneous branch under Configuration - Editor Display has the following options:

Maximum columns before line wraps

This setting sets the maximum columns allowed within the editor before it wraps the line (soft wrap).  The default is 4096 columns but a maximum of 20,000 is allowed.  Some video drivers have a problem when this is set too high.


Count wrapped lines as new lines in number display

This setting causes the editor to show wrapped lines with different line numbers.  By default this is not set.  


Disable line numbers

When this option is selected, line numbers will not be displayed in the editor and the Display Line Numbers option will be subdued in the View menu.


Start ruler numbering at column 1

This setting causes the editor to start the ruler at 1.  If this option is not selected (default) the editor starts the ruler at 0.


Display full paths in project list

If this option is selected the project list in the File Tree View (Workspace Manager in UEStudio) will display the full paths for project files rather than just the file names.


Enable auto-brace matching

When this option is selected, and the cursor is positioned beside an open or close brace, the matching brace will automatically be highlighted.


Brace match in comments

If this option is selected the Match Brace function in the Search menu and auto-brace matching (if active) will match braces in commented text as well as in source code.


Auto-correct keywords

This option toggles the state of the auto-correct feature.  If this option is selected, keywords detected will be corrected to match their case in the active wordfile.  For example, "javaarray" would automatically be changed to "JavaArray" for JavaScript files.


Line Change Indicator

If this option is selected, modified lines will be indicated with a special colored shading between the line numbers and the first character on the line.  The colors used to indicate saved and unsaved changes to a file within an editing session are configured under Set Colors in the View menu.  If the undo buffer is cleared during an editing session, the line change indicators would be reset as well.


If a file is opened that exceeds the threshold specified for using temporary files under the Temporary Files branch in the File Handling section of configuration, and the option is set to open without a temporary file in this case, the line change indicator will not be displayed.


This setting is a global toggle for the function.  If users wish to toggle this option on/off on a file-by-file basis, this may be done using the option in the View menu.  If files are open for editing when this option is changed, they would need to be reloaded or the Line Change Indicator setting would need to be toggled in the View menu to affect these files.


Display CSS color tooltips

If this option is selected a color swatch will be displayed reflecting the specified color when the cursor hovers over a color specification in CSS, HTML, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby files. If the user holds down the CTRL key and clicks on the color swatch, a color picker is displayed and users may use this to specify a different color. Pressing OK in the color picker after specifying a different color will insert the appropriate values into the active source document.

Disable mouse wheel zoom

If this option is selected, increasing/decreasing font size using CTRL + mouse scroll will be disabled.

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