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New Project/Workspace command

The new project command allows you to create a new project/project file.


A project allows you to manage your projects or workspaces.  This provides an easy way to manage and group associated files.


In many instances a group of files may be related and while editing a particular file there may be reason to edit or view other associated files.  These files can be grouped as a project/workspace.


Grouping these files into a project allows you to easily access and/or open all the associated files when needed without having to search for them.


The project support provides combined project and workspace functionality.  In many cases it may be convenient to use the automatic workspace support as described below:



The workspace functionality saves the state of all open files in the project file when the project is closed including window position, cursor position and which files are open.


When a project is opened all the files that were previously opened when the project was closed are opened automatically.  The files do not have to be specifically added to the project via the Files dialog.



The project functionality allows files to be associated together even if they are not currently open in the editor.   Files may be added to the project or removed from the project via the Files dialog.   The files within the project can easily be opened via the Files dialog. 

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