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Open File Tabs command

This menu item enables or disables the tab control that allows the user to select between open documents.  The tab control allows easy selection between open documents while maintaining all other window switching and display functionality.


If you right-click on the open file tabs a pop-up menu is displayed with several file options.


The tab control may be dragged from its default docked position at the top of the main window and docked at the bottom of the window, or left standalone.  If it is standalone, it may be resized vertically and horizontally as desired.


Additionally, the individual tabs may be dragged to a new location.  To drag a tab, left click on the tab you wish to move and while holding the mouse button down, move it over the tab you wish to insert before and release the mouse button.  When dragging tabs, the tab will always be inserted before the tab that you "drop" the tab on.  The tab will only be moved if you release the mouse button while positioned over an existing tab.  If the New file tabs look option is selected under Application Layout in Configuration, the individual tabs may not be dragged to a new position.


When the tab control is in its default docked position, scroll arrows appear if more documents are open than can be displayed.


The tab control may be resized.  If resized while docked so that more than one row of tabs are shown the scroll arrows will no longer be available.


Right-clicking on an open file tab will allow the file tabs to be sorted.  These will be sorted alphabetically when the command is performed.  Due to the operation of the underlying control used, if multiple lines are displayed the underlying control will reorder the ROWS of tabs but internally keep the order the same.  This means that the sort will work but the rows may not be in order and will change order if a file from a different row is selected. 


Double clicking on the File Tab for an open document will close the document.


If the cursor is positioned above a File Tab a tooltip will be displayed showing the full path of the related file.


Locking the File Tabs

In UltraEdit a right click in empty space by the  open file tabs will cause a tip Undockable to appear.  If this item is checked, the open file tabs may be dragged from their default docked position to a floating dialog.  Double-clicking on the title bar of this dialog will return the file tabs to their default docked position.  If Undockable is NOT checked, the file tabs are "locked" and may not be removed from their default docked position.

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