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Opening Files

There are many methods for opening files to be compared in UltraCompare.  The method chosen really is a matter of preference as all the methods described below will result in the same internal function - namely opening the specified files and automatically beginning a comparison of the specified files.



If you are running UltraCompare Lite you must have UltraEdit or UEStudio running in order to compare files in UltraCompare Lite.  If you wish you may open the files to be compared in UltraEdit or UEStudio and invoke UltraCompare Lite using the Compare Files command in the File menu.  By default the last two files opened/edited would populate the comboboxes in the Compare Files dialog.  If you prefer, you may simply use this dialog's Browse buttons to browse to and specify the files you'd like to compare.

Along with specifying files to be opened in UltraCompare Lite, you may select whether the specified files should be compared as Text or Binary files as well as specifying any (or all) of the three compare options in this dialog as well:

Ignore Case

Ignore Spaces

Ignore Blank Lines

Please note that these options only apply to Text Compares.


Command Line

If you are running UltraCompare Professional you may specify files to be opened and compared from the command line.  If UltraCompare has been added to your PATH it may be invoked from the command line (i.e. a DOS prompt) for comparing files as follows:

uc c: emp est.txt d: emp est.txt

This would cause UltraCompare to open test.txt from the two different drives in the left and right panes and automatically begin comparing them. While the compare is in progress the Cancel button on the toolbar will be active. The status bar will show a yellow light and the "Processing" label.

If UltraCompare has NOT been added to your PATH you would need to reference the full path to the application in order to invoke it from the command line, i.e.:

"c:program filesultracompareuc" c: emp est.txt d: emp est.txt

There are several command line options that may be used when invoking UltraCompare Professional from the command line.


Open Left/Right

UltraCompare Professional also includes Open Left and Open Right commands in the File menu.  Selecting either of these will open a standard file open dialog which you may use to browse to and select the file you'd like to be opened in the specified compare pane.


Combobox/Text Entry

If you prefer you may type directly in the combobox above each compare pane to specify the file to be opened in the pane below.  By default, the comparison of specified files will not begin until the Go button is pressed.


Users may specify files on a local/network file system for comparison.  A URL for Internet content may also be entered and the source for the specified path will be downloaded and displayed in the compare pane.  URL's must start with "www" or "http://" as appropriate.  Users may toggle the browser view to modify the source and save the modified source code to a local file.  The paths for files which have previously been compared are stored in the comboboxes and users may click on the down arrow and select from previous files for comparison if desired.


Pasted Text

If desired, users may copy and paste text into each of the empty compare panes.  Temporary file paths will be created and displayed for the contents of each pane.  The "close" button may be used to dismiss a temporary file if users wish to compare a different code snippet.  The comparison will begin as soon as the contents of the second file are pasted into the compare pane.  Pasted text may also be compared against an existing file.


Browse Button

You may click on the open button in the upper right corner of either pane to open a standard file open dialog and select the file you wish to open using this.

Once both files are opened UltraCompare will automatically begin comparing their contents.  When this is completed the file compare results will be indicated with a combination of colors and symbols.  

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