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Project Manager command

Selecting this option in the Project menu launches the Project Manager dialog.



Project List

The main part of the Project Manager dialog is the Projects list [1].  This list includes the Project Name, Compiler, Working Time, and Project Path.  The Project Manager is intended to be used to help manage all projects currently in progress.  The functions related to Project management are divided into three categories: Project [2] - related to opening, creating, backing up, and restoring project files, Projects List [3] - related to adding projects to or removing them from the Projects List, and Batch Builder [4] - related to opening/creating lists for batch building.


Project Functions

Projects may be opened from the Project Manager by double-clicking on a project name or by selecting a project name and pressing the Open button.  This will open the selected project in UEStudio.  


If the Create button is pressed, a context menu is presented from which the user may select Empty or Using Templates.



If Empty is selected a dialog for creating a new, empty dialog is presented.



Here the Project Name [1] and Location [2] may be specified.  If Create project directory [3] is NOT selected then the specified project will be created in the specified directory.  If Create project directory IS selected then a directory with the name of the project will be created on the specified path.  For example, if the project name "App1" were specified the path to the project file would be " C: DevelopmentWorking Group1App1App1.prj".


If the Using Templates option is selected, a dialog allowing the specification of the new project and the template to be used to create it is presented.



Project Templates

Depending on the type of compiler selected you may use one of the offered templates. Select the desired Compiler [1], next select the type of Template you want to use to create a project with [2] and type the name of this project in the Project Name field [3]. Don't forget to set the Location [4] of the project by typing it or press the Browse button and select it. It is recommended you set a location when you run project templates the first time and then use the same one always. This location is the "parent" directory of your projects, because UEStudio creates its own directory for a project with the same name as the project. Most of the templates automatically create a project and open in UEStudio but some templates will need some options set before a project will be created. One template is included for all compilers - User Defined Template.


Backup/Restore Functions

If the Backup button is pressed the files in the active project will immediately be backed up.  If the Location text field is empty, backups are created with the same name as the active project.  If a path is specified, the Project Manager will generate names with a date stamp and if Restore is pressed, the user may select the version of the backup desired to restore the selected project.  Remove Backup may be pressed to select backups that should be removed.  Backups for the active project will be listed in a context menu from which the user may select the backup to remove.



Projects List Functions

If projects have already been created, the Add button may be used to add a single project to the Projects List.  The Find button may be used to add all projects found in the specified directory.  To remove projects from the Projects List, the Remove button may be used.  If a single project is selected when the Remove button is pressed, the Project Manager will open the project directory in Windows Explorer to allow the user to more easily remove project files from the disk if desired.  If more than one project is selected, Project Manager will remove these projects only from the Projects List.  Pressing the Delete button will delete the entire active Projects List.


Batch Builder Functions

Pressing the Create button in the Batch Builder section with a project selected in the Projects List will quickly create a Batch Builder list.  Pressing the Open button will open the Batch Builder dialog.


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