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Project menu

The Project menu allows you to manage your projects or workspaces.  This provides an easy way to manage and group associated files.


This functionality combines the grouping of files for quick access via the Files dialog and the saving/restoring of the open files state.


New Project/Workspace

creates and opens a new project file

Open Project/Workspace

opens an existing project file

Close Project/Workspace

closes a project

Project Settings

adds, removes, or opens files within the project

Add To Project

presents submenu to insert files/folders/groups into active project

Set Auto Load Macro

specifies macro to load when project is loaded

 * Insert

presents submenu to insert C++, Java, or C# Class into active project

Back Up Project/Workspace

copies all active files in the current project/workspace to a compressed backup file (.bup) stored in the same directory as the .prj file for the active project/workspace

Restore Project/Workspace

presents Restore Project Files dialog to reload a project from a copy that was previously backed up

 * Project Converter

launches Visual Studio to UEStudio Project Converter dialog

 * Project Manager

launches Project Manager dialog from which users may open, create, backup, restore, or batch build projects

 * Checkout

checks out module from repository

 * Update

commits working copy from repository without displaying any prompts or options

 * Commit

commits working copy to repository without displaying any prompts or options.

 *  Update(Special)

allows configuration of multiple CVS-related options using CVS Update dialog

 * Tag

creates tag (branch) in CVS tree

 * Import

imports new module into repository

 * Export

checks out module excluding CVS information

 * Accounts/Settings

launches CVS Manager dialog

Create CTAG File

creates tag file

CTAG Options

sets up options for Ctags


* Please note: These features are only supported in UEStudio, and not in UltraEdit.  

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