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Record command

The Macro Record command starts 'recording' keystrokes and actions for later playback. Recording is stopped when the Stop Recording command is selected.


This command presents the Macro Definition dialog allowing you to define the macro name and hot key if required.  When the dialog is dismissed with the OK button the macro recording starts.


Notes for recording macros:

The Macro Record function records all keystrokes and characters typed while recording is selected. All keystrokes are recorded, including key combinations that move to end of line, top or bottom of document etc. Care should be taken to ensure that when the macro is to be played again the same keystrokes are appropriate.  When a macro is being recorded, a Macro Recording notification will be shown in the second cell of the status bar.


Mouse motion and scrolling is NOT recorded while recording is selected. All positioning should be performed with the keyboard.


Macros will record and playback the Next Window and Previous Window commands.


Find and Replace are supported while recording is selected (see Find for special characters that are useful with macros). Any find or replace functions will be recorded directly as performed, unless using special characters that are replaced when executing with the contents of the clipboard or the highlighted text, see Find. If all, or any occurrences of "FIND" are replaced with "REPLACE" in a file, the same action will be performed when the macro is played again.


Cut, Copy and Paste are also supported while macro recording is selected. Any of these operations will be performed dynamically as the macro is played again. That is to say that if an item is cut while recording the macro, an item will be cut while playing back the macro based on the selected text at the time the macro is being played back. If the selected text is different while playing back the macro, from when the macro is recorded, the text cut while playing back the macro will also be different.


As multiple macros are now supported, this command is available when macros already exist.


Hex editing is now supported within macros.


The following commands are supported when recording a macro:


Keyboard entry - typing characters

Cursor positioning

Selecting text with keyboard commands

Cut, copy, paste


HEX mode switching and editing

File open, close, save


Playing macros - nesting macros

Window switching - next/previous window

Insert/Overstrike selection

Unix/Mac to DOS

DOS to Unix


Convert Wrap to CR/LF's

Convert CR/LF's to Wrap  

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