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Registering UltraEdit/UEStudio

Internet Activation

Internet Activation is the primary method of registering UltraEdit/UEStudio.  When the Register/Activate option is selected from the Help menu, the Internet Activation dialog will be displayed.  The easiest method of entering the required License ID and Password is to copy them from the registration email and paste them into the dialog.

The password provided for UltraEdit/UEStudio is case sensitive and must be entered EXACTLY as received from IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.  



After entering the License ID and Password, the user must press the Activate button to validate the license with the registration server.  After the License ID and Password have been validated, the user will see a dialog indicating that the registration/activation is successful.



If necessary, users may press the Proxy button in the Internet Activation dialog to enter the name or IP address for the proxy server and the port number to be used as appropriate.  For most users this should not be necessary as UltraEdit will default to the proxy settings specified for Internet Explorer.



Offline Activation

If online activation is not possible because there is no Internet connection available, users may use the offline activation dialog to register.  When the Offline Activation button is pressed in the Internet Activation dialog, the dialog below will be displayed.  The License ID and Password fields must be populated with the values provided in your registration email.  The User Code 1 and User Code 2 fields will be populated with numeric values.  These should be sent to support@idmcomp.com in an email and we will reply with values that may be entered in the Authorization Code 1 field.


Please note: If any values other than those provided by IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. are entered here, this will cause the values in the user code field values to be re-calculated the next time the Offline Activation dialog is opened.  Please do not enter any values except those provided by our support team.



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