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Status Bar

The Status Bar is displayed at the bottom of the UltraEdit window. To display or hide the status bar, use the Status Bar command in the View menu.

Status Bar Contents (from left to right)

Help Prompts

The left area of the status bar describes actions of menu items as you use the arrow keys to navigate through menus.  This area similarly shows messages that describe the actions of toolbar buttons as you depress them, before releasing them.  If after viewing the description of the toolbar button command you wish not to execute the command, then release the mouse button while the pointer is off the toolbar button.  

If macro recording is in progress, a red dot and the word "Macro" will be displayed in the right-most portion of this field as well.

Line/Column Number

The line number (if enabled) of the cursor in the file, and the column number are displayed together in a single panel.

The active clipboard is shown in the Status Bar following the Line and Column indicator separated with a comma.

In Hex mode this displays the cursor position in HEX and Decimal values.

Immediately following the Line/Column indicators is an indicator for the active clipboard.  C0 indicates the standard Windows Clipboard is active while C1-C9 indicates one of the user clipboards is active (see Clipboards).

File Format (Line Terminator)

The File Format indicates if the file is a DOS file, UNIX file or MAC file.  

Encoding Type

The Encoding Type control allows users to change the encoding used to display the active file.  This does not actually affect the underlying content of the file.  No conversion is done.  This merely changes the encoding used to display the file in the editor.

Highlighting Type

The Highlighting Type control allows users to specify what type of highlighting should be applied to the active file if this is not detected by the editor when the file is loaded.  If the file extension of the active file matches one of those specified in the wordfile, this field will also indicate the syntax highlighting type (related to the active Language from the wordfile) currently being used.


The date and time the active file was last modified (prior to this session).  For new files the date and time shown is the creation date and time.  The date format is read from the system "short date" setting.   This may be configured with the Control Panel Regional Settings.

File Size

The file size of the active file.  The file size is updated when UltraEdit writes any changes to the disk.  If a selection is made in the file, this field will indicate the number of bytes/lines selected.  For performance reasons, the number of lines selected is not displayed if the total file size exceeds 10MB.

Read Only Status

If the active file is set to Read-Only, R/O will be displayed in this control to indicate this state. If the active file is writable, R/W will be displayed here. Users who wish to protect sensitive documents may click on this control to switch from R/W to R/O and this will prevent editing in the editor until this setting is changed. This does not affect the underlying file attribute unless the option Change file read-only attribute when changing menu setting is selected under File Handling - Miscellaneous in Configuration.

Insert/Overstrike Status

This control allows users to toggle between insert and overstrike mode.  This affects all documents - not just the active document.

CAP Status Indicator

The rightmost area of the status bar show if Caps Lock key is turned on.  This will be subdued if Caps Lock is turned off.




Insert mode is selected


Overstrike mode is selected


The Caps Lock key is latched down


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