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Synchronize Folders

UltraCompare Professional supports synchronization of directories if desired. Users accomplish this by selecting the Sync Folder checkbox at the bottom left of the Folder Compare session.

In a Synchronize Folders session the user chooses two folders they wish to synchronize and then selects a ?rule? from the dropdown to the left of the Customize Rules button.  Rules inform the folder sync mechanism what type of synchronization should be performed.  A rule is a set of instructions detailing what to do in any given situation; replace older files with new, copy orphaned files, delete older files, etc.  Using rule and folders selected the sync mechanism will scan the folders to generate a list of file differences which is displayed in a manner similar to a folder compare.

Once the user has specified the paths for the folders to be synced, the Go button should be pressed to initiate the scan of the folders to determine the differences between the files and what actions should be executed by the selected rule to synchronize the selected folders.  If desired, the user may click on items in the Action column to customize the actions to be executed when the Start Sync button is pressed.  When the user presses the Start Sync button the synchronization process is initiated and progress will be shown in the progress bar.  The synchronization may be interrupted using the Cancel Sync button.

Note: The synchronization process will overwrite and delete files/folders in the compared folders.  Once this process begins, the synchronization cannot be undone.

Pressing the Customize Rules button will cause the Rule Customization dialog to be displayed.

This dialog allows the user to create new rules and alter default rules.  The user can select a rule to be modified and then alter the actions associated with that rule.  There is also a field that allows the user to describe the actions executed by this rule.

If the user wishes to create a new rule, they must select "AddNew" from the Rule Name dropdown.  This will cause the rule name to be replaced with "New Rule 0" and this should be modified as desired by the user.

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