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Toggle Bookmark command

UltraEdit allows you to set a "bookmark" to mark a position in a file. Once a bookmark has been set at a line, you may use menu or keyboard commands to move to that line. 


To set a bookmark:


1.        Move the cursor to the line where you want to set a bookmark.

2.        From the Search menu, choose Toggle Bookmark.


Shortcut:        CTRL+F2


To remove all the bookmarks, use the Clear All Bookmarks menu item.


To move to the next bookmark after the insertion point, choose Next Bookmark from the Search menu.


Shortcut:        F2


To move to the previous bookmark before the insertion point, choose Previous Bookmark from the Search menu.


Shortcut:        ALT+F2


When the Shift Key is pressed at the same time as performing the Goto Bookmark function the current selection (if present) or a new selection will be extended to select text up to the cursor position following the command.  

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