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UE3 Functionality

UE3 refers to UltraEdit customized for installation on a U3 smart drive.  UE3 supports the functionality of UltraEdit except as follows:


- File associations are not supported.

- Shell integration (context menu access from Windows Explorer) is not supported as the U3 conventions forbid access to the parts of the registry which must be modified to support shell integration.


 In nearly all other respects UE3 allows the use of UltraEdit as if it was installed on a standard desktop hard drive allowing users access to the most needed features of UltraEdit - macros, scripting, syntax highlighting, column mode, code folding, UNICODE support, FTP, Telnet and more - all on your U3 smart drive.


The primary difference is that when UE3 is shut down and the U3 smart drive is ejected, any references to files/settings that don't reside on the U3 smart drive are removed from the UE3 INI file (ue3.ini) when this is written back to the U3 smart drive.  For example:


- Files added to the Favorite files list during an editing session that belong to the host system will be removed from the application when the U3 drive is ejected.

- Open files (except in the case of files opened via FTP) will not be remembered between sessions.


Note: U3, the U3 smart Logo, and all U3 formative trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of U3 LLC worldwide.

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