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Update command

There are two Update commands in the CVS submenu of the Project menu.  The first one listed will only be active if a CVS Project is loaded.  (A project is considered a CVS Project if the CVS Support option is selected and a valid CVS module is specified in the Project Settings dialog.)  If a CVS Project is loaded and this option is selected the Update will be executed without any prompts or options as this will use the options specified for the CVS Project.


If the second Update option is selected in the CVS submenu the CVS Update dialog will be presented.  This may be used to specify the parameters used to update the specified module or file in CVS.



The desired account may be selected from the Account dropdown.  If a CVS account doesn't already exist, pressing the Modify button will launch the CVS Manager dialog where users may add/remove an account.


The Module/File field may be used to specify the module or file that will be updated from CVS.  You may browse to select an existing module or file by pressing the "..." button.


The Update using most recent revision option is checked by default and specifies that the most recent revision will be retrieved from CVS.  If this isn't selected then the Revision Options section below becomes active.


Revision Options

Retrieve revision by date retrieves the most recent revision no later than the date specified in the Merge To field.


Retrieve revision by revision/tag retrieves the revision/tag/branch specified in the Merge To field.  This option will remain active for the specified file/module until overridden or reset using Reset sticky options.


Merge revisions enables merging a single revision into the current working directory or merging two separate revisions into the current working directory.  If Merge from default ancestor is checked, the revision specified in the Merge To field is merged with the current working directory.  If it is unchecked the revision specified in the Merge From field is merged with the revision specified in the Merge To field.


Update Options

Overwrite local overwrites any locally modified files with the most current CVS revision and creates a backup of the modified file prefixed with .#.


Reset sticky options removes any tag, revision, or date information from the CVS information maintained in the working copy.


Prune empty folders removes directories in the working copy that are empty in the CVS repository.


Create missing retrieves any files or directories that are missing from the working copy.


* Please note: This feature is only supported in UEStudio, and not in UltraEdit.  

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