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View menu

The View menu includes the following commands:



presents a submenu where users may access the Layout Selector dialog or select an existing layout

Layouts - Manage Layouts

presents Layout Selector dialog where user may specify active layout (menus/toolbars/dockable windows)


presents a submenu where users may access the Manage Themes dialog or select an existing theme

Themes - Manage themes...

presents Manage Themes dialog where users may configure colors for the application

Views/Lists - Toolbars

shows or hides the toolbar

Views/Lists - Status Bar

shows or hides the status bar

Views/Lists - Open File Tabs

shows or hides the open file tabs

Views/Lists - File Tree View

shows or hides the file tree view

Views/Lists - ASCII Table

shows or hides the dockable ASCII table

Views/Lists - Function List

shows or hides the function list

Views/Lists - Macro List

shows or hides listing of all currently loaded macros

Views/Lists - Tag List

shows or hides the tag list

Views/Lists - Template List

shows or hides the template list

Views/Lists - Clipboard History

shows or hides the clipboard history list

Views/Lists - Script List

shows or hides listing of all currently specified scripts

Views/Lists - XML Manager

shows or hides the XML Manager used for navigating nodes in XML files

Views/Lists - Bookmark Viewer

shows or hides the Bookmark Viewer

Views/Lists - Output Window

shows or hides the output window

Views/Lists - SSH/Telnet Console

shows or hides the SSH/Telnet console.  Settings for SSH/Telnet sessions may be specified using the SSH/Telnet Account Manager

View As (Highlighting File Type)

displays file with selected syntax highlighting

Set Code Page

presents Code Page Selection dialog to allow changing code page for active document

Set Font

selects the screen font to use

Set HEX/Column Mode Font

selects the screen font to use for HEX and Column mode

Reset Fonts (default)

resets the screen and printer fonts to default settings

Increase Font Size

increases font size (zoom in)

Decrease Font Size

decreases font size (zoom out)

Show Spaces/Tabs

displays spaces and tabs as visible characters

Show Line Endings

displays new line characters as visible characters

Show Page Breaks as Lines

displays page breaks as lines

Show Column Markers

toggles visibility of active column markers

Set Column Markers

presents dialog where column marker settings are defined

No Scroll Left Side of Marker 1

toggles fixed pane/columns left of first column marker

Line Change Indicator

toggles visibility of markers indicating modified lines in active document

Disable LCI For All Files

turns off line change indicator for all files

Highlight All Selected

turns off selection of strings matched by a Find with Highlight All Items Found selected when Use persistent highlight all is selected under Configuration -> Search -> Advanced or when all occurrences of the word under the cursor are highlighted

Display Ruler

toggles the column ruler indicator at the top of each window

Display Line Numbers

toggles the line number display at the left of each window

Spacing - Single

displays documents with single spacing

Spacing - 1 1/2 Spacing

displays documents with 1 1/2 spacing

Spacing - Double Spacing

displays document with double spacing

Hide/Show Lines - Hide/Show Selection

hides or shows the selected lines

Hide/Show Lines - Collapse All

collapses any expanded function or structure in active file

Hide/Show Lines - Expand All

expands any collapsed section in active file

Show Fold Lines

toggles visibility of guide lines based on code folding

File Change Polling

checks active file for changes at interval (seconds) defined in configuration

Auto Scroll Polled Files

scrolls to last line of polled file when changes are detected (similar to UNIX tail command)

Always on Top

toggles setting to display UltraEdit on top of all other applications

Full Screen Mode

toggles full screen edit mode

Toggle Browser View

toggles view of active file from HTML content to browser view (interprets using IE integration)

Refresh Browser View

refreshes browser view of active file


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