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Web Search

The Web Search branch under Configuration - Toolbars/Menus provides an interface where users may customize the search strings used when a search for text selected in the application is executed through the Web Search toolbar.



Through this interface users may localize (if desired) the "portal" through which their search is executed.  For example, a user located in Germany may wish to search on "www.google.de" rather than the U.S. portal - "www.google.com".  This may be accomplished by changing the "Google" search string to:




In all cases, the "$K" represents the string selected in the editor at the time the search is executed.  If desired, the default search strings may be reinstated for each option by pressing the associated Default button and then pressing Apply or OK to save the change.  


Users may also define custom search buttons to be added to toolbars as desired.  For further information on how to do this, please go to http://www.ultraedit.com/support/tutorials_power_tips/ultraedit.html and check the Integrate Yahoo!, Google, Wikipedia and more with UltraEdit topic.

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