Using Help

These Help files are organized primarily based on the menu structure in UltraEdit / UEStudio.  To the left you should see the following major headings:


Getting Started


Menu Summary

* Compiler Configuration

* CVS Support


License Agreement

Sales and Support


The Getting Started section (of which this is the first document) contains useful information to get you up and running quickly and editing text in UltraEdit.


The Menu Summary section may be expanded by double-clicking and consists of information regarding the commands presented in the menus in UltraEdit.  Each menu heading (File Menu, Edit Menu, etc.) may be expanded by double-clicking and each topic below the menu headings may be opened by clicking on the topic title in the list.  You can also collapse a section heading by double-clicking on it.


The FAQ section includes some of the more common questions asked regarding UltraEdit's functionality and usage.


The License Agreement section includes both the registered and unregistered license agreements for UltraEdit.


The Sales and Support section includes information regarding technical support and purchasing UltraEdit.


* Please note: These features are only supported in UEStudio, and not in UltraEdit. 

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