Output Window

UEStudio supports a tabbed output window with four different tabs (UltraEdit supports only two) allowing output to be written and stored separately without overwriting the results of previously run functions.



The advantage of this is that multiple functions may be executed and the dynamically generated output of these functions may be stored separately for future reference (during the active editing session).  All output will be written to the active window.  So clicking on tab "1" and running a Find in Files would write the results of the Find in Files command to the output window associated with tab "1".  Clicking on tab "3" and building the active project would cause the STDOUT and STDERR output (depending on compiler settings) to be written to the output window associated with tab "3".


Right clicking in the Output Window displays a context menu with the following options:


Clear Output

erases contents of active window

Copy to Clipboard

copies contents of active window to clipboard

Copy Selected Line to Clipboard

copies selected line to clipboard

Next Message

moves focus to next item in output window listing and opens referenced file to listed line

Previous Message

moves focus to previous item in output window listing and opens referenced file to listed line

Set Default Path for Relative Paths...

presents dialog where user may browse to folder to specify a directory to be used as the default directory for processing relative paths in the output window

Go To Error/Warning

opens referenced file to indicated line/column

Scroll Output

controls whether output window focus scrolls to last line when populated or remains at top of listing

Allow Docking

toggles whether output window may be positioned within edit framework as a docked window

Hide Output Window(s)

toggles visibility of active output windows

Use Spaces instead of Tabs

forces output windows to use spaces instead of tabs when displaying command output

Show Tooltips

toggles whether tooltips are displayed when output lines exceed window width


* Please note: This is only supported in UEStudio, and not in UltraEdit.  

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