Favorite Files command

The Favorite Files feature allows a user to store the filenames of frequently opened files or favorite files that the user wishes to quickly reference and open in the future.  When the Favorite Files menu item is selected, a dialog is displayed that allows the user to open one or more of the favorite files and modify the list of favorite files.


The dialog shows a list of files that are currently in the favorite file list.  The following controls are used to manage the list:



The open button opens the selected files from the list and closes the dialog.  Multiple files may be selected from the list and opened at once.  Any changes to the list are saved.  DOUBLE CLICK of any files in the file list will perform the open command.  If one of the selections is a directory, a file open dialog is shown initialized to the specified directory.



The close button closes the dialog.  Any changes to the list are saved.


Add File

The add file button presents a file open dialog allowing the user to browse for a file to add to the list.  If a valid file is selected the file is added to the list.


Add Active File

The add active file button adds the filename of the active file in the editor to the file list.


+All Open Files

The +all open files button adds the filenames of all files in the editor to the file list.


Add Folder

The add folder button allows a user to browse for a folder and add this to the list.  This allows the user to quickly open files from a favorite folder.


Remove File

The remove file button removes any selected files from the file list.


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