Incremental Search

This command is similar to the Find command.  It performs a find, however instead of waiting for the complete search string to be entered it will search for the closest match as the string is typed, repositioning to the found string as it is typed.  This makes it a lot quicker in many cases to find the correct occurrence of a string.


If an error is made while typing the string, backspace may be used to modify what has already been entered.  If backspace is used, the search will begin again from the original position finding the first occurrence of the modified string.


At any time during the search, pressing Escape or any of the cursor keys will cause the search to stop.  If focus is changed from the edit window this will also stop the search.


While the search is active, the search string is shown in the status bar.


At the end of an incremental search, the Back command may be used to position to the original position prior to the start of the search.


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Posted: Thu, Oct 13, 2011 6:38 PM
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