Select to matching brace command

This command searches forward in the file from the cursor position to find an open or close brace.  If an open brace is found, the search continues in a forward direction until a matching close brace is found at the same nest level.  If the first brace found is a close brace, the search is performed in the reverse direction until a matching open brace is found at the same nest level.


When the matching brace is found, all the text between and including the two braces is highlighted.


By default an open brace is '(', '[', or '{' and a close brace is ')', ']' and '}'.  Users may specify different characters/strings for open/close braces on a per language basis using the Open Brace Strings and Close Brace Strings commands in the wordfile as described under Syntax Highlighting.


Additionally, UltraEdit will automatically highlight a matching bracket/brace if the match is in view when this cursor is positioned to the right or left of a bracket/brace.  No screen positioning will be performed, the bracket/brace will only be highlighted if it is in view.


If the file is designated as an HTML file (see Syntax Highlighting) matching '<' and '>' characters will be highlighted also.


Shortcut:         CTRL+B   

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