Function List command

This command shows the list of functions in the active document.  The results are displayed in dockable window either in alphabetical order, or in order they occur in the document.  By double-clicking on one of the result lines UltraEdit will position to that line in the file and the focus will change to the file.  If Enter is pressed while focus is in the Function List UltraEdit will position to that line and focus will remain in the function list.   CTRL+Enter will also position to the line in the file and the focus will change to the file.


Optionally the Function List may be set to search all documents in the active project.  This is set by right-clicking in the Function List and selecting the appropriate menu item.


Additionally, by right-clicking in the Function List the user may select to sort (or not) the Function List in alphabetical order.


UltraEdit searches for a particular pattern to determine if a line is considered a function.  The pattern that is searched for is a regular expression string(s) that may be modified by the user.


The regular expression string(s) is defined in the active wordfile and each language may have its own definition.


By default the regular expression string uses UltraEdit style regular expressions.  If desired, Perl compatible Regular Expressions may be used for the function strings by adding the following:


/Regexp Type = Perl


See the Syntax Highlighting section for details on changing the string used for recognizing a function.


While navigating through the file, UltraEdit will attempt to highlight the current function that the cursor is in.  In reality it will find the previous function in the file (to the cursor position) that it recognized as a function and highlight this.  If the cursor is between functions, or after the last function, the previous function recognized will be highlighted.  If the option for all files in the project to be shown in the function list is set, the position of the cursor will not be highlighted.  

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