Ctags support

UltraEdit supports Ctags as part of a project.  In order to use Ctags, you would need to:


1. Create a new project.

2. Add the required files/folders to the project.

3. Generate the Ctags file from the Project menu.

4. Open "file.c" and position the caret on top of a symbol you would like parsed and press F11.


UltraEdit will then jump to the line in "header.h" where the symbol is defined.


What is Ctags?

Ctags generates a tag file (or index) file of C/C++ objects and functions found in C/C++ header and source files that allows these items to be referenced quickly within UltraEdit.  


Ctags EXE

UltraEdit relies on an external tag file generator.  There are many versions of Ctags and we recommend "Exuberant Ctags" available from http:// ctags.sourceforge.net/.


UltraEdit can make use of an existing tag file, or if an EXE for creating Ctags is available it can also create the tag file.  Using ctags.exe from Exuberant Ctags and placing this in the GNU subdirectory under the directory containing UltraEdit will by default allow UltraEdit to create the tag file.  A ctags.exe is installed with UltraEdit by default.


Ctags configuration within UltraEdit

The Project menu allows the user to change the Ctags option and to create the tag file.  The Ctags option dialog allows for the following three items to be defined:


Default tag file 

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