Template List command

This command toggles the visibility of the Template List.  The Template List displays all templates that have been defined under Display/Modify Templates in the Advanced menu.  Double-clicking on any listed template will insert that template into the active document at the current cursor position.  


Templates are organized in three groups: Global, Environments, and Languages.  Global templates are always available, Environment templates are only available when the environment they're associated with is loaded, and Language templates are associated with languages specified for syntax highlighting and are only available when editing files with extensions that match that language.


Right clicking in the Template List displays a context menu with the following options:


Sort Alphabetically sorts listed templates alphabetically within active group
Move Up moves the selected template up one position in the list
Move Down moves the selected template down one position in the list
Delete Template removes the active template from the list and the relevant template file
Modify Template presents the Modify Templates dialog so the selected template may be edited
Insert Template inserts the selected template into the active document


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