XML Manager command

This command toggles the visibility of the XML Manager.  The XML Manager displays a tree view of the nodes in the active XML document.  Double-clicking on a node will position the cursor to the related node in the active document.  Pressing SHIFT+Double Click with the cursor on a node will cause the text associated with that node in the active document to be selected.  Expanding a node in the XML Manager will also cause the relevant source code to be expanded in the editor if folded.


If the button is pressed, the XML Manager will be split horizontally and the upper pane will display the XML document tree while the lower pane will display a table with an Attribute and Value column.  When a node is selected in the XML document tree, it will be scanned for attributes, and if attributes are found, they will be listed in lower pane along with their values.


If a node (element/attribute) is selected, after a momentary delay the user may click it again and it will be activated for editing.  If an element is edited, pressing RETURN will save the change to the document tree and appropriately update the open and close tag for the element in the active document.  Attributes may be edited from the document tree in a similar manner.


The combobox at the top of the XML Manager may be used to navigate quickly within the document tree of the active XML document.  Typing an element or attribute name and then pressing RETURN will position the document tree accordingly and select the first matching node.


Right-clicking in the XML Manager presents the context menu which includes the following options:



moves selected node up in document tree


moves selected node down in document tree


copies the selected node to the clipboard


selects the active node in the document tree

Format Document

adjusts indentation of active XML document

Parse Document

parses active XML document and updates XML document tree


cuts the selected node to the clipboard

Replace with clipboard

replaces the selected node with the contents of the clipboard

Paste Before

pastes the node in the clipboard before the active node

Paste After

pastes the node in the clipboard after the active node


duplicates the selected node below the active node in the document tree


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