Set Column Markers command

This menu item presents a dialog allowing the user to set a Column Group as active and specify the associated Column Markers which will be displayed when that group is set active.  The Set Column Markers dialog is made up of two list controls - Column Groups and Column Markers - that may be used to define groups of column markers which may be stored and set active for different types of documents.


Column Groups

In the Column Groups list, a group name is selected by clicking on it and may be edited if it is clicked on again.  This allows column groups to be assigned unique names.  This list has four associated buttons:


Set Active

sets selected group active and displays associated column markers in the edit window

Add Group

inserts a new Column Group item into the list

Modify Group

toggles the selected column group name to edit mode so it may be renamed

Delete Group

removes the selected column group from the list


Column Markers

The Column Markers list consists of two separate columns, Enabled and Column Number.  When a Column Group is selected in the first list, the column markers associated with that group may be defined within the lower list.  


When a column marker is defined a checkbox appears in the Enabled column and the user specifies a column number at which the marker should be displayed in the Column Number column.  The associated marker is only displayed if checked.  In the Column Markers list, a column number is selected by clicking on it and may be edited if it is clicked on again.  This list has three associated buttons:


Add Marker

inserts a new Column Marker item and its associated checkbox into the list

Modify Marker

toggles the selected column marker number to edit mode so it may be modified

Delete Marker

removes the selected column marker from the list


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