Macro menu

The Macro menu includes commands that let you record, playback, load and/or save them.


What is a macro?

A macro is a series of keystrokes or actions that have been 'recorded' in  the order performed. A macro allows you to 'record' a series of keystrokes or actions and then 'playback', or repeat, the recorded keystrokes and/or actions. A macro is typically used to perform a similar set of actions multiple times on each occurrence of a given text string.


UltraEdit supports multiple macros and one macro may invoke another macro.


Macros may be automatically loaded and executed by three different methods:


1. Command Line Macro

2. Set Auto Load (Macro menu)

3. Set Auto Load Macro (Project menu)


The listing above shows the order of precedence for auto load macros.  If all of the auto load macros above were defined, and each one opened a file during execution, the execution of one macro would prevent those following it from being executed.


In addition to these three auto load macros, macros may be specified to be used "on demand" when a file open or save operation is executed using the Set Macro for File Load/Save option in the Macro menu.  It should be noted that if any one of the auto load macros is executed, they would prevent the load/save macros from being executed.


The Macro menu offers the following commands:



loads a macro file

Load and Append to Existing

loads and appends a macro file to any macros already resident

Save All

saves all resident macros to a file

Quick Record

records a macro without showing dialog for name, etc.

Set Auto Load

specifies macro to load at startup

Set Macro for File Load/Save

specifies macro to run when a file is loaded or saved

Edit Macro

edits a macro

Delete All

deletes all resident macros

Delete Macro/Modify Properties

deletes a macro or modifies its properties


starts recording a macro

Stop Recording

stops recording a macro

Play Again

runs last macro again

Play Any/Multiple Times

runs any macro or runs a macro multiple times

Show Post Macro Record Options

prompts user with options after macros are recorded

Warn on Exit If Macro Not Saved

warns if macros are not saved when editing



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