Quick Record command

The Macro Quick Record command starts 'recording' keystrokes and actions for later playback.  When this is active the menu changes to "Stop Quick Recording".  Clicking on this, or using the shortcut for Macro Quick Record will stop recording the macro.


The command works in an identical manner to the Macro Record command with the exception that it does not prompt for a name, shortcut key, etc.


When this is played back, no cancel dialog will be shown.  In the macro list, this will be shown with a blank name and when recorded will overwrite any existing quick macro, or macro recorded with a blank name.


The purpose of this command is to provide the same ability as recording a macro but with a single keystroke to record and stop recording.


The macro is played back by selecting the Macro Play Again or Macro Play Any/Multiple Times command as with normal macros.  

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Posted: Thu, Oct 13, 2011 7:17 PM
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