Post Macro Record Options

The Post Macro Record Options dialog facilitates the use of options available to the user after a macro has been recorded.



Macro File Used For Save

If a macro is loaded while recording a macro, the currently loaded macro path and name will be reflected here.  In this case, a Save button would be displayed in the dialog.  If no macro is loaded, pressing the Save As button will present a Save As dialog where the user can specify the path and name the macro just recorded should be saved under.  Once a macro save file is specified, the option to Load macro file on start up will be active.


Macro File To Load On Start Up

If a macro is currently specified under Set Auto Load to be loaded for use on startup, the path and name of the macro will be indicated here.  If the user desires, the macro being saved may be specified to be loaded for use on startup.  This would replace the previously specified macro with the macro just recorded.


Load macro file on start up

If this option is selected, the macro just recorded would be loaded when the editor is started.


Do not show this dialog again

If this option is selected, the Show Post Macro Record Options option will be unchecked in the Macro menu and the dialog would not be shown when future macros are recorded.

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