The Advanced branch under Configuration - Editor Display has the following options:


Override default edit window dimensions

When a new document is created, it is automatically sized to fit the dimensions of the editor.  This option overrides this autosizing with specific values.  Note that if the dimensions of  the editor are smaller than the specified height and width, the new document will be created with the old autosizing method.  


Font Quality

Using this option the user may set the quality level Windows will use to render fonts in the editor.  Information regarding the quality selected is displayed as the slider is moved.  Following is an OS-specific guide for choosing font qualities:


For Windows XP and greater all options are available on a scale from Default to Best:



For Windows 2000 the following options are available:




UltraEdit/UEStudio should be restarted when the font quality is changed.


Display XML/HTML tag highlighting

If this option is selected the text within matching XML/HTML elements will be highlighted using the color specified for Tags under Set Colors in the View menu.  The editor will determine what files are XML/HTML files based on the extensions specified in the appropriate wordfiles.

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