The Formatting branch under Configuration - Editor Display has the following options:


Auto indent new lines

This item toggles the state of automatic line indentation.  When automatic line indentation is enabled, the editor automatically indents a line to match the indentation of the previous line.  The indentation is performed by inserting spaces into the document.


Additionally language specific indenting and out-denting is supported.  This provides for additional indenting after a certain character/string to indent a block of code and out-denting after a closing character/string.  See the indentation section under Syntax Highlighting for details.


This option is only active in INSERT mode, not in OVERSTRIKE mode.


Auto indent wrapped lines

If this option is selected the editor automatically indents wrapped lines to match the indentation of the previous line. 


Break on hyphen (-) when converting/reformatting paragraphs

This setting determines if the editor should break words at hyphens when reformatting a line. The default is for UltraEdit to break lines at hyphens. If this setting is not selected the editor will not break the line when a hyphen is encountered.


Reformat paragraph after paste when wrap settings set to add hard returns at specific column number

This setting causes the editor to automatically reformat a paragraph after a paste command if the Word Wrap settings are set to wrap at a specific column number with the insertion of hard returns (CR/LF).  This is the default behavior and not selecting this option will disable this feature.  


Do not convert spaces and tabs inside comments and strings

If this option is selected, spaces and tabs inside comments and strings (as defined in the associated wordfile) will not be converted by formatting operations.

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