Double Click Selections

UltraEdit allows for selection of text by double clicking the primary mouse button (usually the left button).  Normally a single word is selected made up of any alphanumeric character or underscore '_'.


If at the time the primary mouse button is double clicked the control key is pressed, a string is selected rather than just a single word.  This can be very useful in selecting filenames, e-mail addresses, etc.  The characters that delimit the string are configurable under the Delimiters topic under the Editor branch under Configuration in the Advanced menu.  This function works on a single line only.


These entries, one for the left edge of the text to be selected and one for the right edge, specify what characters should be used to stop any further text from being selected.  If a space only is specified in each field all text either side of the cursor position will be selected until a space is encountered.


If text is selected when the right mouse button is pressed, a new menu item "Open File Highlighted" is added to the top of the pop-up menu and if selected the file is opened if it exists.


If the primary mouse button is double clicked between two space characters all of the contiguous space characters will be selected (not beyond the end of line).  

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Posted: Thu, Oct 20, 2011 7:36 AM
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