Large File Handling

UltraEdit allows editing of very large files.  This is accomplished with relatively small amounts of memory being used.  UltraEdit is a disk-based editor and only loads a small portion of the file into memory at one time.  Normally, UltraEdit copies a file that is being edited to a temporary file, and at the end of the editing session deletes the file after copying back to the appropriate original file.  To speed up editing of very large files, the Configuration options allow you to specify editing without using temporary files.  This removes the time necessary to copy the file to a temporary file.  When editing files of many megabytes this can be an advantage. 


WARNING - If this option is selected, all changes are permanent!


A dialog box is shown warning the user this setting is enabled each time a file is opened.  This option may be disabled under "Use of temporary file for editing" in the Temporary Files topic in the File Handling branch under Configuration in the Advanced menu.


A "Threshold" field is provided to allow the user to specify files that are equal or larger than this value to be loaded without the creation of the temporary file.  Files smaller than this would be loaded normally, creating a temporary file.  Setting the value to zero means that all files would be loaded without the creation of the temporary file.  The "Threshold" field is only applicable if the option to open files without the temporary file is set.


Additionally the Disable Line Number option improves the performance when navigating around large files as less disk accesses are required to track the line numbers.


UltraEdit allows editing of files greater than 4GB (up to a size of 2^64-1).  

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