Selecting Text

UltraEdit provides several methods for selecting (highlighting) text.  In general, using the Shift Key and cursor keys will select text as will using the Shift Key and mouse positioning. 


Additionally, there are several other methods that make it easier to select a range of text.


When the Shift Key is pressed at the same time as performing the following functions the current selection (if present), or a new selection will be extended to select text up to the cursor position following the command:


        Find Next/Previous


        Goto Bookmark


The Shift Key should be pressed at the time the action for command takes place, not on the command that shows the dialog.  For example, if Ctrl+G displays the Goto Dialog and OK is clicked to perform the Goto, the Shift Key is pressed when the OK is clicked, NOT when the Ctrl+G is pressed to display the dialog.  

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Posted: Thu, Oct 20, 2011 7:36 AM
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